Yakima Shoot with Mossfloor Photography

Hello Everyone!

So welcome to my first blog! Super excited to finally be able to do this and share some great photos with you guys! So for my first blog post I decided to talk a little bit about a photoshoot that I did with Mossfloor Photography and our spokes model Ms. Haely Wiss! We traveled to the Yakima desert for this shoot and it was SO much fun! I even stayed up late the night before making her tulle skirt that you see in the photos! Haha! I kept it very dark and vampy with her makeup and kept all the focus on her eyes and lips. for her hair I knew I wanted a lot of drama and fullness towards the bottom of her hair while keeping the top smooth and sleek. I played with texture by utilizing multiple styling techniques to achieve her soft curls mixed with a zig-zagged frizzy texture that ended up reminding me a lot of tumbleweeds in the desert. All-in-all it was an AMAZING shoot with some amazing people!  Enjoy!

Photo Credit to Mossfloor Photography